November Raffle


1 prize of £10,000*
Only 10,000 tickets available
On sale from the 1st - 30th of November!

UK Charity Raffle Providers
UK Charity Raffle Providers

Our Aim of Supporting Charities and Good Causes!

• to try and promote something positive in a time of so much negativity
• to purely do something good
• to help our local communities
• to grow so we can donate more and more to our supporting charities but also to others.

UK Raffles wants to help our chosen charities and others, to therefore help our local communities. To join hands to move forward and to try to make a difference.

The charities chosen have not been done lightly. We have sat with each one and listened to their stories to what their aims are, the difference they make and with that the impact they have on peoples lives.
These charities are all non profit and have no financial backing from the Government.
By buying a ticket not only do you have 1 in a 10k chance of winning, but your money can help us make a difference to these two charities and what they are trying to do.

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How it works

UK RAFFLES will be running a small society lottery of 10k tickets throughout the month of November.

£10k cash prize, or equivalent of 50% of the total ticket sales.

The draw will take place on 9th December 2019 at Headway North Staffs, on live video on our Facebook page. The winning number will be announced on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as on the charities Facebook page and websites.


Charities you are helping support

headway north staffordshire logo

Headway North Staffordshire

Headway North Staffordshire is affiliated with the National Headway Organisation, and is dedicated to the care and support of people who have sustained a brain injury. It aims to promote a wider understanding of all aspects of brain injury and to provide information, support and services to people with a brain injury and their relatives and carers.

Headway North Staffordshire's website
headway north staffordshire logo

The James Brindley Foundation

The James Brindley Foundation provides an opportunity, through the work of The James Brindley Full Circle Programme, for children and young people, to understand how the choices that they make, can affect both themselves and others, now and in the future. It develops their problem solving and decision making skills, as well as increasing their understanding of a broad range of behaviours and resilience to peer pressure, which will contribute to a positive social lifestyle and avoid involvement with the criminal justice system.

We believe that young people, including those at risk of entering the criminal justice system, can achieve their full potential and live a crime free lifestyle, with the right support

and intervention. We do this by educating young people in schools, residential care homes and other provisions with the aim of ending violent youth offending.

The James Brindley Foundation's website

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