UK Raffles 2019 Ltd terms and conditions from July 2019

1. Introduction.
1. 1 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd.
1. 2 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd aims to provide a transparent raffle game where the general public can enter
for a cash prize on a monthly basis.
1. 3 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd runs within the guidelines set out in the gambling act 2005. We operate within
the parameters of small society lotteries. See part 34.
1. 4 All Players must be 16 years of age or over to enter.
1. 5 Tickets Price is £2, with a maximum amount of 10000 tickets per small society lottery.
1. 6 Ticket percentages are as follows 50% to the prize
25% for marketing, printing and administration
And Merchant fees.
20% to be split between UK charities
(this is a minimum percentage)
5% retailer commission and card transaction fees
1. 7 All monies are to be accounted for in accordance with each small society lottery and local councils.
This happens for the purposes of the Gambling Act 2005. For more information, visit See section Local society guidance. Relevant document and
gambling licences available upon request. Also see part 34.
1. 8 Each monthly draw will take place on or around the 10th day of the following month after the
tickets have been on sale. Unless otherwise stated the draws will be on a monthly basis, to allow for
the tickets to be sold.
1. 9 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd Terms and Conditions apply to purchases of raffle tickets from UK Raffles 2019
Ltd direct and supporting partners.
1.10 It is to be understood, when purchasing a ticket or multiple tickets from UK Raffles, you understand
the Terms and Conditions of how we operate.

2. 1 Promoting company UK Raffles 2019 Ltd
2. 2 Company registration number 12035839
2. 3 Registered office Kemp House
160 City Road

How to enter the Raffle
3. 1 All monthly raffles are operated by the Promoter, and the Promoter is responsible for each raffle.
Where tickets are purchased from one of our supporting partners, they are authorised to offer UK
Raffles 2019 Ltd Products.
3. 2 Information on how to purchase tickets, can be found on our website. This gives details of our
supporting partners along with information about buying direct from UK Raffles 2019 Ltd.
3. 3 Tickets are priced at £2 each. with a limit of 50 per person. UK Raffles 2019 Ltd, only has a set
amount of tickets per raffle. This is to allow the general public to understand our simple raffle
format. For example, a £100000 Prize pot will only have 100000 tickets. If all tickets don’t sell within
the month of that draw, prizes and percentages will adjust accordingly.
3. 4 Closing dates, draw dates and times can be found on our Website. The Information can also be
obtained from our supporting partners. Each Ticket will also carry these details, to comply with
section 34.19 of the gambling commissions small society lottery rules.

General ticket purchase information
4. 1 Tickets purchased from UK Raffles 2019 Ltd direct, shall be processed by Merchant Services. These
transactions are subject to Merchant Services terms and conditions, which are available at ……………
The purchase fee of the UK Raffles Ltd Ticket(s) must be received by UK Raffles 2019 Ltd in pounds
sterling. Due to frequent exchange Rate changes, we cannot accept other currencies.
4. 2 People wishing to purchase tickets direct from UK Raffles will be asked to provide their contact
details, including an e-mail address and a telephone number. This information will be processed in
accordance with the provisions below and the promoter’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy. The
promoter’s card service provider, Worldpay Merchant Services, will require the purchaser’s
postcode and card payment details. Once the purchase of The Required amount of Tickets is
submitted, the Registered User's card payment will be electronically approved, and the Promoter
will not retain any records of the Registered User's card details.
4. 3 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd will store and protect personal information from people who purchase tickets
direct from UK Raffles 2019 Ltd. (for full details, see our privacy policy).
This information must include contact details, and it will be used for the following purposes:
4. 3 a) For reference related to ticket numbers purchased by the person.
b) To clarify and protect UK Raffles 2019 Ltd and the public against fraudulent activity
4. 4 All entrants are solely and completely responsible for providing the promoter with accurate and
current contact details.
4. 5 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd will not be held responsible for being unable to make contact with any Person
who has purchased a ticket or tickets from UK Raffles 2019 Ltd due to any errors or inaccuracies in
the contact details given by that person.
4. 6 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd will not accept responsibility for tickets that have been lost, mislaid, damaged
beyond recognition, regardless of cause including, water damage or extreme wear and tear
preventing UK Raffles 2019 Ltd being unable to establish the full details of the relevant ticket.
4. 7 A Single Ticket will be declared void if the person who purchased it engages in:
a) Fraud of any type.
b) Fraudulent misrepresentation.
c) Fraudulent concealment.
4. 8 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd, will only pay out prizes when all the required information has been given and
proven not to be fraudulent in any way.

Eligibility to Buy UK Raffles 2019 Ltd Ticket(s)
5. 1 Entry is only available for people aged 16 or over.
5. 2 Each monthly raffle is only available for UK Residents.
5. 3 The prize draw is not open to employees or immediate family members of the promoter, agencies,
or any person or company involved in the running of the prize draw.

6. 1 The promoter does not give a guarantee or an insurance to the value of the prize. The reason for
this is that the prizes are determined by ticket sales.
6. 2 The prize pot is determined by the number of sales generated by selling the tickets available in each
raffle. i.e. 10 raffles equals 10 draws, 10k tickets in each, 100000 tickets in total, priced at £2 per
ticket, the potential total revenue per raffle is £20000. The prize for each raffle/draw
will be £10,000 or equivalent of 50% of the total ticket sales for that raffle/draw

Raffle Division
7. 1 Each raffle will have 10k tickets. e.g. 10 raffles each with 10k tickets.
e.g. Ticket numbers start at 001 -10,000 for raffle/draw 1, once tickets are sold tickets for
raffle/draw 2 will be released 10001 - 20,000 and so forth. Tickets will be on sale for a whole month
and the winning numbers drawn with in 7-10 days from month end. Draw dates will be advertised
on the website.
7. 2 Each raffle/draw will generate one number that will be allocated a cash prize, this will be done
through a random number generator.
7. 3 50% of the ticket sales, for each raffle, will be the cash prize. This is to comply with the limits set out
by the gambling commission. e.g. 10k ticket sales = £10k prize. 5k ticket sales = £5k cash prize
7. 4 Total Sales for each draw will not exceed £20000 in gross revenue.

Purchase terms
8. 1 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd will not accept tickets that have been or are:
a) Purchased by third parties.
b) Purchased using a debit/credit card belonging to someone other than the person who holds
the ticket.
c) Forged or tampered with in any way.
d) Unrecognizable or Incomplete.

How to Claim a prize
9. 1 To claim a prize, ticket holders are required to contact UK Raffles 2019 Ltd, via e mail.
9. 2 All ticket holders must ensure that all information that they provide is accurate, up to date and
complete. UK Raffles 2019 Ltd reserves the right to disqualify any person (at the discretion of UK
Raffles 2019 Ltd) if there are reasonable grounds to believe the ticket holder has acted in breach of
any the Terms and Conditions set out by UK Raffles 2019 Ltd
9. 3 Upon receiving a prize claim, a member of the UK Raffles 2019 Ltd team, will contact the claimant
within 48 hours. The relevant details will then be obtained, to process the claim.
9. 4 All holders of winning tickets shall have a period lasting for 90 days from the end of the last day of
the monthly raffle to claim their prize. If after that period, the prize is unclaimed, UK Raffles 2019
Ltd, reserves the right to assign that prize money into the Charity pot.
9. 5 The following information will be required.
a) Proof of identity. Passport or driving licence.
b) A copy of a utility bill, within three months old.
c) Details about the purchase of the ticket. Where and when it was purchased.
d) If it’s a physical ticket and not an online ticket, that ticket must be provided.
9. 6 Cash Prizes will be paid out fourteen days after all the information has been provided to UK Raffles
2019 Ltd.

How each raffle draw works.
10. 1 The winning number will be determined using a true random number generator.
10. 2 The number will correspond to a ticket that has been available within the period for that individual
10. 3 The details of the time, date and venue of each draw will be available on the physical tickets, and on
the website.

Draw Details
11. 1 The winning numbers for each draw will be posted on the website, and other social media
platforms that UK Raffles 2019 associates with. The supporting partners and charities that UK
Raffles works with will also have this information.
11. 2 Prior to each raffle being drawn, UK Raffles 2019 Ltd, will have all the information in place, about
the tickets that have been sold.
11. 3 In the case of unsold tickets, they will not be counted in each draw. This is to eliminate the chance
of an unsold ticket number being allocated to a prize, and to ensure that every number that is
drawn corresponds to a ticket that has been sold.

Charity Donations
12. 1 A minimum of 20% of Gross revenue generated by ticket sales, will go to registered UK Charities.
12. 2 Details about the charities the we support are on the website.
12. 3 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd reserves the right to support any charity of its choice, but also offers members
of the public to suggest charities of their choice.
12. 4 Full details of donations will be made available upon request, for the purposes of transparency of
the UK Raffles 2019 Ltd working model.
12. 5 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd welcomes the support of new charities, with care taken to ensure the true
purposes of each society. This is to protect the support given by UK Raffles 2019 LTD, to registered
UK Charities.
12. 6 Where possible it is the intent of UK Raffles 2019 Ltd to make donations to the direct purposes of a
chosen charity.

Prize Winners
13. 1 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd, shall with the permission of winning ticket holders:
a) Use their information, and profile picture, for the purpose of marketing and promoting
ongoing raffles.
b) Show the general public, people who have purchased tickets and won. This will be done on
the website, and other social media platforms.
c) allow winners to remain anonymous, however this must be stated upon their initial claim of
their prize.

Limitation of Liability
14. 1 Where permitted by current UK law, UK Raffles 2019 Ltd, participating outlets or distributors will
not under any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate any ticket holder or accept any
liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of Purchasing a ticket or
tickets, in either a remote or non-remote situation.
14. 2 UK Raffles 2019 LTD is also not liable for any instances occurring for the use of the UK Raffles 2019
Ltd prize money, except in the case of death or personal injury caused by negligence or fraud of UK
Raffles 2019 Ltd, their participating outlets, distributors, or employees. The statutory rights of the
winner(s) will not be affected.
14. 3 The liability of UK Raffles 2019 Ltd to the ticket holder is limited to the individual value of each
ticket or the total aggregated value of tickets purchased. These will be the amounts re-paid to the
ticket holder.
14. 4 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd accept no liability for mistakes or errors contained within the advertising or the
way in which each prize pot is described. This includes on the Website or on our social media
14. 5 It is to be the responsibility of the ticket purchaser prior to buying to fully understand the way in
which, the working model of UK Raffles 2019 Ltd functions.
14. 6 Prize winners must understand what they are receiving in order to satisfy him/herself how the
prizes are calculated. A full breakdown will be available each month, for each participant to view.
This information will be available on the website.
2019 Ltd UK Raffles, General

15. 1 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd shall not be a trustee of revenue received, during each raffle and in any future
15. 2 UK Raffles 2019 reserves the right to suspend or cancel any Raffle at any time.
15. 3 If a monthly Raffle is cancelled, the Promoter will make the refunds available for ticket holders to
access their funds in full.
15. 4 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd will then hold no further responsibility or liability to the ticket holder or to any
other parties that may be concerned.
15. 5 In the Event of UK Raffles 2019 Ltd negative unforeseen circumstances, the company reserves the
right to cancel Raffles at any point.
15. 6 In the case of an order issued for the closure or ceasing of trading of UK Raffles 2019 Ltd, or if an
order is made for the appointment of an administrator to manage UK Raffles 2019 Ltd affairs, or if
the circumstances arise which entitle a court or creditor to gain the assistance of manager, UK
Raffles 2019 Ltd will cease trading with immediate effect.
15. 7 If a court is to make an order to close UK Raffles 2019 Ltd, or UK Raffles 2019 Ltd is involved in or
suffers any corresponding action as a consequence of a debt, an application to court for protection
from its creditors may be made by UK Raffles 2019 Ltd.
15. 8 With immediate effect, once published, UK Raffles 2019 Ltd reserves the right to make changes or
fair amendments to these Terms and Conditions at any time.
15. 9 The UK Raffles 2019 Terms and Conditions are not in any way, creating a contract, or any other
agreement between ticket holders and the UK Raffles 2019 LTD
15. 10 UK Raffles 2019 Ltd, their administration and day to day functions are to be governed by the laws of
England and Wales, and the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales, exclusively.
15. 11 It is Recommended that players make a copy of these Terms and Conditions.

Charity or Charities: means the charities or charitable causes that may benefit from proceeds generated by
UK Raffles 2019 Ltd.

Charitable Donation: means the percentage of 20% minimum, that is donated.

Closing Date: Is the date when that raffle finishes

Draw: means the random number selection by a True Random Number Generator to determine a winner
from the list of numbered tickets sold, that occurs within the relevant raffles Draw Date from start to finish

Draw Date: is the date the Draw takes place. In the case of the UK Raffles 2019 Ltd draws, they will take
place within 10 days after the end of the previous months raffle. Example, a July raffle, would be drawn no
later than the 10th day of august.

Entry Fee: Is the entry fee of £2 per ticket payable to access a valid entry into the raffle. The fee will be
clearly stated on all promotions, and social media platforms. The fee will also be displayed on each physical
ticket. Player: means any natural person (not including a limited company, partnership or limited liability
partnership) who in the correct and legal manner, purchases a ticket or tickets, in accordance with these
Terms and Conditions.

Participating outlets: premises where tickets are to be sold. Updated lists available on the website.

Player: means any natural person who in the correct and legal manner, purchases a ticket or tickets, in
accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Prize: The cash amount that the Winner of each individual raffle will receive.

Prize Value: means the total amount of the cash prize.

Promoter: UK Raffles which is the trading name of UK Raffles 2019 Ltd, company number 12035839, whose
registered office address is Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX.

Raffle: means any raffle operated by UK Raffles 2019 Ltd on its Website and/or in the premises of the
agents, Fees will be paid, and paid out, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Retailer Commission: 5% of gross revenue that goes the participating outlets who see UK Raffles 2019

Supporting Partners: These are charities and individuals, who assist UK Raffles 2019 Ltd with sales and
promoting the raffles.

Ticket: Numbered ticket, in either paper form or online form, purchased through the Website or in the
premises of one of our agents in order to gain the opportunity to win a cash prize.

True Random Number Generator: the software from, used to select a truly random number to
determine the Winner of each raffle.


Winner: the ticket holder selected by the Draw on the Draw Date, and in accordance with these Terms and